I try to live a simple life. But it just doesn't happen that way. I have two accidents that I have to go court for. And Jury duty coming up real soon. Not to mention the DMV and the complicated way I have to register. Throw in my and sons B-days. And
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April 30, 2005 by Only the good die young
I moved in here when it was brand new. Promises were made and broken. The cost of living has not at all kept up with income. We had no paid utilities-all free! Excellent maintenance. A warm outdoor pool (might have been smarter to build it in doors). We do have fog most of the year. A nice little gym,sauna,workout room, Jacuzzi and even a fully equipped kitchen for our use. For pool parties and if we wanted to rent for private functions. Fireplace. There was a "family" album. My son at...